Masahiro Isobe

President Director

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Innovation, quality & speed, and good team work is our working DNA.
We committed to work for customer satisfaction.

Deny Santosa

General Manager of Sales and Marketing

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We grow Brother Indonesia organization by building our "At your side" culture and to be No. 1 choice for corporate customers.

Andrias Harry Triprasetyo

Finance & IT Manager

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At Your Side is our culture, so every stakeholder should feel our presence through everyday actions.

Ahmad Nuralam

Customer Service Manager

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Providing consistent, reliable and swift service to exceed our customer's expectation through our "Customer First" approach philosophy.

Chris Surya Sudjianto

Marketing Manager

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We build a good reputation as preferable corporate choice brand on each product category that offer “At your side” value so our customer feel get helped and worry free.

Slamet Ariyadi

Corporate Sales Manager

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Our focus now is to grow corporate team by building “At your side” culture and to be no. 1 choice for corporate customers.

Susanto Liu

Product Manager - Printer

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Become preferable business choice for printer partner is a must.

Redy Manlin

Product Manager - Printer Label

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We will make Brother label printer & mobile printer as the 1st choice in corporate and industry.

Silvia Kudinar

Product Manager - Scanner

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Let's build an effective & productive digitalize environment!

Hodrick Kwan

Product Manager - Home Sewing Machine

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Every household deserves a good quality sewing machine.

Dyah Ayu Nawangsari

Logistic Manager

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We build logistic working environment with excellent teamwork, efficiency, and contribute cost effective.

Nila Maharani

HR & GA Manager

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As a second home where all associates enhance their capacity by challenge, we are proud to embody ‘At your side’ culture in our daily work life.