The Austrailan Book of Records (TABOR)
Model Number:
MFC-L3930DW (equivalent to MFC-J6930DW)

The Customer

The Australian Book of Records (TABOR) was established in 2012, by lovers of record breaking – Helen and John Taylor. As avid record breakers themselves and founders of the Singapore Book of Records in 2005, the Taylors saw an opportunity to respond to widespread requests to create a national platform to compile, adjudicate, promote and share records locally and abroad. With their wealth of experience and close-knit team of four full time employees, their office in Wallan, Victoria is the powerhouse for planning the events that provide people all over the country with the opportunity to break records. They also publish the results of record-breaking attempts annually to showcase human excellence and encourage everyone to strive to do their best. 

The Challenge

The team at TABOR spend a significant amount of time away from their office, facilitating both small and largescale record-breaking events around the country. To commend and recognise the achievements of participants, record breakers and sponsors; certificates are printed on location as a part of the positive customer experience.

Unfortunately, their previous printer had become unreliable after a heavy workload and had begun to damage their certificates during the printing process. This posed a significant threat to their brand as a high quality, reputable organisation along with a substantial financial cost to the business - having to reprint damaged certificates was expensive and inefficient. 

The Solution

By deploying two Brother MFC-J6930DWs into their workforce, TABOR found that their certificates looked and felt more Centres combined high-quality printing with lower running costs, making it a win-win situation. The superior quality of their printing output comes down to utilising Brother’s Genuine Ink Cartridges, which have proved invaluable in providing high quality certificates to align with the professionalism of the TABOR brand.