Despec Nordic Holding A/S
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The Customer

Despec was established in Denmark in September 1992 with only two employees under the name “Despec Supplies”. Despec – Dealer SPECialist was the first distributor in the Nordic countries to distribute computer and printer supplies (ink, toner and ribbons).

Today, Despec has more than 170 employees in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland, focusing on distribution to their dealers in the Nordic countries. Their current range cover five large product categories: IT supplies & paper, IT accessories, Ergonomics tools, Printers & office machines and Office supplies.

The Challenge

"Previously, Despec warehouses did not have many product locations and labelling requirements were not very high.", said Thomas Harboe Hald, General Manager, Information Systems & Marketing at Despec.

Despec was using different types of labelling by hand. When they implemented a new Warehouse Management System, with more product locations being added, there was a demand for accurate and high-quality labelling. Hence, Despec requires an unified solution that is user-friendly and could handle barcodes.

The Solution

As they require a lot of labels because their warehouses are large with close to 9,000 inventory items and a few thousand special order items, the need for precise, clear and durable labelling has become important. Brother’s P-touch label printer integrated with PC and P-touch Editor software was chosen for the job.


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