University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust
United Kingdom
Model Number:

The Customer

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust is serving a population of more than 500,000 patients in United Kingdom.

The Challenge

They need to upgrade to a new order communications system. Their project requires an upgrade on their label printers with simplified consumables ordering processes which can be quite challenging.

The Solution

They have selected and installed more than 300 units of Brother's TD-2130N Professional label printers across their hospitals to integrate seamlessly with their patients' records system to print out labels for blood samples.


As their same units are used for several other labelling processes, it has reduced their number of different label print media required and simplified their ordering process for replacement labels which has helped to save time.


As their printers were pre-configured to cater to plug-and-play installation, labels could be printed out conveniently which has helped to increase productivity.


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