Yumi Ice Cream Company, Inc
United States of America
Model Number:

The Customer

Yumi Ice Cream Company, Inc. has been delivering ice creams, snacks, baked goods and frozen drinks to grocery stores, convenience and food services outlets, across Texas for more than three decades.

The Challenge

Their company has grown steadily over the years due to the continued supports they have received from their consumers. In recent months, demand has surged with more people staying at home, continuing to indulge in luxuries, such as ice cream, dessert and frozen drinks.


Hence, they required a comprehensive delivery solution that could cope up with their increased operations and ensure route efficiencies for on-the-spot billing and receipt printing.

The Solution

Brother’s RJ-4250WB Rugged mobile printer has been selected due to its ruggedness in handling their rough operations. It could meet their requirement as RJ-4250WB has built-in integration with their iOS devices, allowing on-the-spot printing, at their customer’s destination and their point of delivery.