Complete System Solutions, Inc
United States of America
Model Number:

QL-810NW, QL-820NWB

The Customer

Complete System Solutions, Inc provides Spoiler Alert Food Safety mobile application for labelling, tracking and monitoring of food validity.

The Challenge

With manual handwritten labels on containers that were often illegible, this poor process has caused a lot of miscalculations in expiry dates and time for their prepared food. If food labelling were not done correctly, they will be fined for non-compliance.

Hence, they require an efficient, flexible and compact labelling solution that could generate labels with QR codes for information to be retrieved when they scanned these QR codes into their system.

The Solution

With consistent quality and reliable label output, Brother’s QL-810W and QL-820NWB Professional label printers were selected to integrate with Spoiler Alert’s mobile application.

Both label printers could print wirelessly from virtually anywhere without the need to tether to a computer, which has enhanced mobility. With Brother’s iOS API integration into Spoiler Alert mobile application, productivity has been improved as they could print labels within a few days instead of weeks or months.


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