Event Farm, Inc
United States of America
Model Number:
QL-710W, QL-720NW

The Customer

Event Farm Inc is a Boston-based startup that provides Attend Visitor management solution to their end-users. With an end-to-end platform, their solution has made targeting and attracting their right attendees easier, maximizing face-to-face interactions and driving timely follow-up to accelerate pipeline, drive revenue and measure event impact.

The Challenge

Producing attendees' name badges was a pain point, which has hampered their higher-quality event experience. Attendees who have registered for their event earlier, have their name badges pre-printed before their event, which were sometimes incorrect.

Long queues and clumsy searching at sign-in tables have slowed down their registration process. Late sign-ups or walk-in attendees were given name badges with their information being scribbled using a permanent marker on blank badges that were often unreadable.

Hence, real-time badge printing is required to simplify their registration and check-in process on-site for their clients.

The Solution

With the ability to print name badges in real-time during on-site visitor registration, Brother’s QL-710W and QL-720NW Professional label printers were chosen for the integration with Attend’s visitor management solution.

Both label printers are user-friendly and reliable solutions, that have simplified Attend’s event registration process. Accurate name badges could be printed out wirelessly and efficiently, which has helped to save time, money and enhanced their customers’ experience.

QL-710W and QL-720NW have been replaced by QL-820NWB.

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