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The Customer

Good School Tools began as a supplier for on-the-spot student management. Recognizing the wealth of information, stored in schools’ information system and the challenges faced by school administrators, in keeping track of their students' records, Good School Tools has developed applications to streamline routine school administrative tasks.

The Challenge

Tardiness has always been a major issue in most schools. Unsupervised students in hallways, restrooms and other school areas are at an increased risk for misbehaviour, which carries over to classroom, causing disruption to lessons and planned activities. Schools perform tardiness checks, where teachers will lock their doors and force late students to assemble in a centralized location to be processed and released before returning to class.

Tardiness slips are required for class admission and are printed on-the-spot. Without Tardy app, it was a manual and time-consuming process, with handwritten tardiness slips that could be altered by their students. The time required to process a manual tardiness slip is often longer than the period being missed.

Students' safety is important concerns and it is necessary to know the whereabouts of each student during school days.

The Solution

Good School Tools could rely on Brother’s QL-820NWB Professional label printers to deliver consistent, reliable results, to quickly and accurately produce tardiness slips, student IDs and emergency contact information to help the schools achieve improved student management.


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