LamasaTech Ltd
United States of America
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The Customer

LamasaTech designs and manufactures digital solutions that transform business processes to better connect organizations with their visitors, employees and customers. Their range of solutions includes visitor management systems, temperature screening kiosks, video walls, digital signage and interactive displays.

The Challenge

A critical part of their sign-in process is the need for printed names or ID badges to identify individuals within the building. Traditionally, ID badges are generated manually by receptionists which is a time-consuming and error-prone process, particularly at busy reception desks.

The Solution

LamasaTech has chosen to partner with Brother for their visitor management solution. Brother’s QL-800 Professional labelling solution could provide a versatile and plug-and-play badge printing solution that helps to manage their visitors' management process quickly and safely.

With no ink or toner is required, QL-800 is an affordable investment as it uses direct thermal printing technology which has helped to save cost.

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