McDonald's Corporation
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The Customer

McDonald’s had opened their first restaurant in Norway on 18th of November 1983. Since then, over 50,000 Norwegians have worked for McDonald’s and they have 74 restaurants throughout their country.

McDonald’s goal is to be a modern and forward-looking company. When they plan for their future, they always have their customers’ best interests at heart.

The Challenge

McDonald’s has a large database of information for labelling their food, which is being used daily in their restaurants' operations. Finding the right information in their database to print out food labels can be very time-consuming, especially during busy operating hours. All food must be labelled, when their items were taken out from their freezer with use-by dates.

During busy workdays, it is unavoidable that their label printer could drop and damaged at some point in time and would require a replacement. This could lead to unnecessary expenses incurred for a new label printer replacement.

The Solution

They have selected Brother’s TD-2130N Professional label printer, with an LCD touch display unit which is an accessory which they have purchased separately for their kitchen operation.

Today, 56 restaurants are using TD-2130N label printers. Their clear display panel has made it easier for them to operate. Their time spent in finding the right information for printing food labels has been significantly reduced. Furthermore, their label could include an image of their food. Labels that are used frequently are stored in their touch display unit 'hot keys'. As their touch display unit is a separate accessory, they could replace this item if their printers were accidentally dropped on the floor, without replacing their entire printers.

TD-2130N label printer could integrate seamlessly to their company’s existing systems with network capability and allow them to update their database centrally for all their restaurants. This new solution has helped them to save time with reduced cost.


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