McDonald's Corporation
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The Customer

Based in Spain since 1981, McDonald’s Spain has more than 500 restaurants across Spain, with around 24,000 employees. McDonald’s values revolve around delivering a great restaurant experience which their owners or operators, suppliers and employees have worked together to achieve this unique McDonald’s way.

With a vision to be "the favourite place and the way of eating for their customers“, McDonald’s has directed their efforts and resources to reach 100% of their consumers' satisfaction in each of their visits to their restaurants.

In recent years, McDonald’s has been involved in a digital transformation to ensure that they could continue to provide outstanding customer service across their restaurants.

The Challenge

McDonald’s Spain was using desktop standalone printers in their kitchens to print food labels when required but without adequate software to meet their requirements. Their day-to-day operation was not easy. This left their employees with labels that only had some information they require to control their food processes in their kitchens.

The Solution

Brother’s TD-2120N Professional label printer was integrated into their digital solution, developed by their technology partner. Their employees could print labels as and when required, enabling them to complete their processes easily and efficiently with their new software platform.

They were able to increase productivity and eradicate mistakes during labelling using TD-2120N. Their software could register and track everything in cloud and ensure that information on their new digital processes is available at any time.


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