The Customer

O.K. Auto Oy was founded in Jyväskylä, Finland in 1964. It has a presence in six cities. In 1997, O.K. Auto Oy has established a full-service facility in Kouvola, which offers authorized servicing for all Toyota cars, tires services and seasonal tires storage. O.K.Auto Oy takes care of about 400 sets of tires, which is approximately 1,600 tires.

The Challenge

Variation in handwriting has made it more difficult to locate their correct tires. Human errors can cause time and money. Their labels have an aluminum base layer on their tires, which were hard to remove.

The Solution

Brother’s labelling solution for their tires labelling was easy to integrate with their customers' database. The labels could be printed from their label printer for their tires. The adhesive is strong and could resist extreme conditions such as moisture and cold weather.

*TD-4100N has been replaced by TD-4420DN.


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