Rollins Inc
United States of America
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The Customer

Rollins Inc history goes back to more than 100 years ago, to the days when Otto Orkin went door-to-door to sell rat poison. Today, with more than a dozen wholly owned subsidiaries, their company provides pest control services and protection against termite damage, rodents and insects to more than two million customers in more than 700 locations worldwide.

As their company continues to grow, they remain committed in providing extraordinary customer service, capitalizing on innovative technologies and processes to boost efficiency, productivity and bottom-line performance.

The Challenge

Rollins needs to equip their technicians with mobile technology to speed up transactions, ensure compliance and improve customers’ satisfaction. Their technicians need to use iPhones to send and receive data, work orders, instructions, customer histories, route changes or summaries and service tickets to satisfy compliance requirements and other customer-pertinent information in real-time.

Their service tickets were previously handwritten, which include more than 30 pages for large customers as they need to include comprehensive information such as the types of chemicals used, weather conditions, customer data, service type and disclaimers.

Hence, their company needs an iOS-compatible thermal printer that could quickly print full-size 8.5 x 11” documents for their technician to be more productive, without the need to return to their office for paperwork. Their printers must be lightweight, easy to carry around, withstand hot and cold extreme temperatures, due to frequent outdoor use.

The Solution

Rollins has collaborated closely with Brother’s R&D team to configure their PJ-763MFi mobile printers to meet their requirements. Rollins has worked closely with Brother to design a rugged yet streamlined printer caddy with a de-curling feature and see-through window for checking the status lights. Their technicians’ mobile tool kits include iPhone, PJ-763MFi mobile printer, battery case and printer caddy.

Rollins has since deployed 5,500 units of customized PJ-763MFi mobile printers. PJ-763MFi mobile printers were easily paired with WiFi for quick and seamless printing. PJ-763MFi mobile printers are lightweight, compact and rugged enough for technicians to bring to any customers' location.

The ability to print on-site quickly and accurately without having to return to their office to complete their paperwork has boosted their technician productivity significantly, as well as increase customers’ satisfaction. Brother’s thermal printing technology has provided an added advantage, eliminating the need to deal with inks or toners, which is critical as their technicians need to print as many as 150 tickets weekly.