The Customer

Waiteer, situated in the Danish city of Aalborg, has been in operation for two years. Waiteer offers Waiteer app takeaways ordering service for their customers in their cities throughout Denmark. Their customers could use their app to order and pay for takeaway meals, that could be delivered right to their doorsteps.

The Challenge

Restaurants are usually very busy, especially with takeaway orders. It is important to have a reliable and flexible printing solution, with orders that could be printed out quickly, easily and effectively, with the correct food delivered to their customers, to prevent any incorrect orders and ensure reliability.

The Solution

They have selected Brother’s QL-820NWB label printer as it has met their requirements, in terms of performance and price. The ability to use either WiFi or Bluetooth connection and with an optional rechargeable Li-ion battery base has made QL-820NWB, extremely portable and flexible. They could use QL-820NWB to print out their orders from their app wirelessly for food preparation. They could attach their order receipts with their orders to deliver to their customers.

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