Solusi Pelabelan

Rasakan pencetakan label mudah saat ini dengan Brother. Rangkaian printer label kami yang inovatif dan serbaguna dapat memenuhi kebutuhan khusus anda untuk mendorong produktivitas anda menjadi lebih tinggi.

Cetak Label

Buat label yang tahan lama dan serbaguna yang dibuat khusus di berbagai sektor. Dari sektor manufaktur hingga perawatan kesehatan, telekomunikasi hingga manajemen hotel, teknologi pencetak label Brother dibuat untuk melakukan berbagai aplikasi, apapun bisnis yang anda jalani.

Printer Label

Buat penandaan barang dengan mudah menggunakan printer label Brother yang mudah digunakan. Dengan opsi konektivitas serbaguna dan Beragam templates pilihan untuk dipilih, printer Brother membuat ideal untuk digunakan di lingkungan kerja yang ada seperti ritel, makanan, pos, dan industri lainnya – memungkinkan anda untuk mendorong efisiensi kapanpun, dimanapun.

Laminasi Label Brother TZe

Dirancang dengan ketahanan yang tinggi, Label Brother TZe dilindungi oleh film berlaminasi bening untuk memberikan hasil akhir yang sangat kuat. Solusi laminasi Brother sangat ideal untuk kondisi yang terkena abrasi, suhu ekstrem, air, bahan kimia, dan sinar matahari.

Brother iPrint&Label

Cetak label sesuai permintaa dari perangkat seluler anda secara wireless. Dengan aplikasi Brother iPrint&Label, anda dapat membuat label khusus dari galeri atau gambar dari perangkat, atau memilih dari label pre-designed yang di format secara otomatis ke ukuran pita printer label Brother anda.

Penerapan di Lingkungan Kerja

Covering a range of sectors including electrical and automation, telecom and data communications, manufacturing, warehouse and logistics, healthcare and laboratories, hospitality and hotel management, and general business applications, Brother's growing portfolio of label printing solutions empowers you to create professional labels fit to your specialised needs.

Electrical & Automation

Identify faceplates, cables, patch panels, network equipment, and distribution boards all using durable laminated labels that come in various sizes and colours.


  • Tube Marking: Use automated serialised printing and high-quality PVC marking tubes for massive cable marking jobs.
  • Automation Panel: Use cross-ID function to help cut down manual inputs for A/B information.
  • Warning Signage: Print durable UV and chemical-resistant warning labels in eye-catching fluorescent yellow or orange.

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Telecom and Data Communications

Use laminated labels that can withstand harsh environments for the installation and identification of voice and data cables.


  • Panel Identification: Print continuous labels and do seamless integration with Microsoft Access or Excel databases for larger multi-location installations.
  • Structured Cabling: Leverage a fully transportable desktop labelling system to generate labels for tough environments and ensure industry compliance.
  • Rack Identifier: Generate shelf-edge labels to easily identify racks and enhance crew convenience.

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Use laminated labels that remain affixed and clearly legible even when subjected to high-pressure steam, grease, and other extreme conditions in the manufacturing process.


  • Tracing Labels: Create QR code tracing labels on demand to streamline traceability of manufacturing lots.
  • Calibration Labels: Generate durable, laminated calibration labels that remind users of the next maintenance date for their precision equipment.
  • 5S Labels: Create professional and long-lasting maintenance, warning, and instructional labels, as well as identification labels to organise workspaces.

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Warehouse & Logistics

Take advantage of laminated labels that stay secured and legible against chemical exposure, extreme temperatures and tough warehouse conditions.


  • Shipping Labels: Print high-volume shipping labels quickly and even when you’re on-the-go.
  • Air Waybills: Print air waybills that conform to international freight standards for effective enroute tracking.
  • Shelf Management: Organise warehouse with handheld labelling solutions compatible with select asset management tools to import tags from an existing database.

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Healthcare and Laboratories

Make use of high-resolution labels that resist chemicals and extreme temperatures to ensure critical information and instructions are printed for patients at the point of care.


  • Asset Management and Calibration Labels: Keep track of valuable hospital equipment and ensure optimal working condition with labels that remind you of servicing and calibration dates.
  • Patient Wristbands: Leverage Brother Patient ID Printing solutions on demand and at the point of care.
  • Prescription Labels: Print clear prescription instructions on water- and fade-resistant labels.

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Hospitality & Hotel Management

Deliver the best guest experience with professional labels that cater to your hotel, event, and dining operations.


  • Food Safety: Achieve industry compliance with expiry labels for food catering, delivery and take-outs, as well as thawing duration labels for frozen food.
  • Name Badges: Create professional-looking name badges on-demand.
  • Receipts: Wirelessly print receipts via Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity or directly from Microsoft® SQL Server®, Access®, or Excel® database files via computer connection.

Brother Food Management Labelling Solutions: Download

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General Business Applications

Create durable and cost-effective labels to cater to a wide range of needs in your local business or global organisation.


  • Visitor Management: Create professional visitor badges on Brother labelling solutions that work seamlessly with third-party software providers.
  • File and Folder Identification: Print durable, laminated labels available in a wide range of widths and colours for easy, long-lasting organisation.
  • Asset Tags: Quickly and effectively label IT equipment and other assets with clear and lasting details.

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Software Development Kits

Eliminate the complicated process of developing a custom labelling and mobile printing solution for your current software applications. Brother’s Software Development Kits (SDKs) let you easily incorporate these capabilities into your existing business applications.


Save costs by integrating a label printing function to your existing system. Brother P-Touch Applicable Component or the b-PAC SDK enables convenient label printing of any combination of text, barcodes, images, and logos without the need of third-party solutions. Needing only basic coding knowledge, integration is simple and effortless for your team.

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